Releasing GPT: the AI Lab for Book-Lovers

Now I have many questions about how this will work in the Store!

Will I be able to partition some functionality into a paid zone, or will I need separate apps, one free, one paid?

Will there be an API that can call each of my GPTs?

Will I be able to see privacy-protected transcripts of conversations? If not, how I am to know if the agent is staying on track? Will I be able to see the thumbs up/down results?

Architecturally: this one focuses on metadata. What if I want to emphasize copy editing? Should I add a bunch of behaviors/uploaded file to support tha, or is it better to have a fleet of related GPTs, say one for metadata, one for marketing, one for editing, another for creative writing.

API: I can already see that creating multiple GPTs is going to involve a lot of retyping. Will there be a way to package a GPT definition as a β€œPOST” request?

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