Recurring Issue: Unable to Get a Streaming Response from ChatGPT

I’m reaching out because I’ve once again encountered the issue previously discussed in the thread titled “Unable to Get a Streaming Response from ChatGPT”. The issue involves not being able to receive responses from the online version of ChatGPT in real-time.

When prompting a message, I see no response. However, after refreshing the page, the response does appear in the history list, indicating that the responses are being processed but are not streamed back in real-time.

The console log reveals the following errors:

  1. TypeError: Failed to execute 'getReader' on 'ReadableStream': ReadableStreamDefaultReader constructor can only accept readable streams that are not yet locked to a reader
  2. WebSocket connection to 'wss://…' failed
  3. WebSocket took too long to respond: ...

These errors seem to involve a problem with the ReadableStream and a failure in establishing a WebSocket connection.

I’ve attempted all the troubleshooting steps that were suggested in the previous thread, including:

  1. disabling all blockers,
  2. clearing cookies,
  3. browser cache, localStorage, Session Storage,
  4. trying different browsers.
  5. I’ve disabled IPv6 on my Mac’s WiFi settings, which was a solution that seemed to work for some users previously.

Despite these efforts, the problem persists. The issue does not occur when using the mobile version.

If anyone has encountered a similar problem or has any suggestions, your input would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, it would be beneficial if someone from OpenAI could provide some insights or support regarding this issue.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I’m seeing the same using Linux Chrome. Seems to work on Firefox

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Thanks for sharing! I had the same issue on Mac Sonoma 14.4.1 with Chrome 123.0, but it worked on Firefox 124.0. Your tip was a lifesaver!

I encountered the same problem with you ,and I can’t solve the problem by changing the search engine

Hi! I can get a streaming response from ChatGPT while I remain logged out, however when I log in I get the error: “An error occurred while connecting to the websocket. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai .com.” at which point I have to refresh to see what is returned. Do you know how to solve it? Thanks!