Received invite to GPT-4 API, had access, but now its gone

On March 17th, I received an email from OpenAI confirming acceptance of my GPT-4 API access, and I had access to it for a while, and now its gone. I currently have access to ChatGPT and the GPT-4 model, but its no longer an option under the “Playground” or for the API model itself.

Any idea what might be up?

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GPT4 is in the mode “chat”, or you can use this link.

Hi @andy6

Please refer to this

You can also use the list models endpoint to know what model your org has access to, on the API.


Make sure that the “Mode” dropdown is set to “Chat”. Then select GPT-4 in the “Model” dropdown. Also, make sure your orgs settings are correct - you can read more about it in this guide

I have the same issue after having gotten the invite and it says that “The model: ‘gpt-4’ does not exist” when I use the link.

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