Receieved email for GPT4 access but API says "The model: `gpt-4` does not exist"

I received the below email saying I have GPT-4 access, however I cannot find the model in the playground or API, and I receieve an error that model gpt-4 is not found trying to use the Python OpenAI library and through raw POST requests. I am using the ChatCompletion endpoint

Has anyone faced something similar? I see a deleted post from about an hour ago with the same issue

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I also received the invitation, changed the model to the new one, and when I asked which model it was using, it indicated that it was using the GPT-3 model. I tried creating a new API Key, but it does not recognize the new keys

Congratulations and welcome to the forum.

You can find out more here…

It should be available in your Playground, though, under CHAT completions. If not, give it a bit of time, I imagine.

Happy coding!

Took me a while to figure out a way to get it working. Feel free to provide the code your’re using, otherwise you can try generating a new API key (one created after you got access) to access GPT-4 with API. I don’t have a Python example but here is a Javascript one that is similar:

const { Configuration, OpenAIApi } = require("openai");

  const configuration = new Configuration({
    apiKey: "<INSERT-API-KEY-HERE>",

  const openai = new OpenAIApi(configuration);

  const response = await openai.createChatCompletion({
    model: "gpt-4",
    messages: [
      { role: "system", content: "You are a helpful assistant." },
      { role: "user", content: "Who won the world series in 2020?" },
      { role: "assistant", content: "The Los Angeles Dodgers." },
      { role: "user", content: "Where was it played?" },
    max_tokens: 50,
    n: 1,
    stop: null,
    temperature: 1,


Made a quick guide here with all the details as well of how to do the request with Next.js - might be worth a look.

Hey folks, this should be resolved now, it was likely due to being part of multiple orgs and sending a request without specifying the OrgID in the header. Please do reach out if you run into issues like this again.