Received GPT-4 API invite but it doesn’t do anything when I click the link

I got sent the link that said

You’re invited to use the OpenAI GPT-4 API!

You can now access GPT-4 models with 8K context via the existing OpenAI API.
[Get started](the link for this button)
As an early customer we’d love to hear about your experience. Feel free to share feedback on our [community forum](TheLink for this word) or reach out directly to our team.
The OpenAI team

When I click the “Get started” button, it leads me to the page where it explains all the APIs, what do I do?

Ever since it was available! Quite literally the second it was said.

Same issue. Let me know if you resolved it.

I’m experiencing the same issue too. Any help with this is much appreciated.

I have the same, but if I list the models through the API

-H “Authorization: Bearer $OPENAI_API_KEY”

Then I do get gpt-4 and gpt-4-0314 listed.

EDIT: We all have access you just need to change the mode
→ Playground: OpenAI API
→ Select mode: “chat” instead of “complete” then you will see chatgpt4


Thank you it works as you mentioned. Could select gpt-4 from “chat”

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I’ve got the gpt-4 and 0314 ones, when i select them and ask who this is it tells me its still 3?

is it aware its gpt-4?

i get the same via the API when using GPT-4 in my api calls.

It’s a known issue that it says it’s GPT-3.

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I kept reading other threads, saw someone else mention to check usage and YEP it says im using 4 in the usage stats.


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