Realistic text to video? Possible? Coming soonest?

This new text to video creater by OpenAI is just incredible. Can’t wait to try it out! Looks good! What do you think?


will it be open to all i.e free like chatGPT 3.5


I’d love to get beta access too for book and character trailers and videos.

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There’s currently no waiting list, or any other means to gain access to the Sora model. We will make sure to update you all when the waiting list becomes available. :hugs:

For more information, have a look at the announcement over here:


Emad (SAI) teased they have something in the works along these lines. Personally doubt it could be nearly as good as what y’all have shown in samples.

That said, must remember what happened w/ DALLE-2 where thousands were on the wait-list and begging for access, and the SAI one-upped dropping Stable Diffusion. After that interest in DALLE dropped significantly (at least from my perspective / in circles I read/post).

Will be interesting to see how it pans out, and definitely hope the pros of sharing, before the “state of the art” changes, are considered.

(Convo screenshot via Stable Diffusion Reddit:)


I really hope to get in that waitlist, I tried Pika Labs - Runway and other stuff and this one seems to be awesome. I’m a regular guy but I really want to try weird ideas here :slightly_smiling_face: and maybe really fun ones.

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Logan used the phrase “stay tuned” twice in the original post, which seems like a fitting choice for a post on a technology that might disrupt both Netflix and YouTube in a few years… :blush:


Same here; I’m looking for a Sora beta invite.


I’m a Dev, a AI enthusiast, I’m looking for a Sora beta Invite

I want a vidio where a yogist laid down and EEG electrodes hold on his brain and same time computer monitor exhibited high gamma waves on screen.

Congratulations on what looks like the best next big thing… If there is any way I can help… I have a full length comedy film due out by Easter, 100K images rendered the past year with Midjourney but it needs some video sprinkled in… A year go I was trying to break MJ (to help improve it) by giving it impossibly difficult prompts. SUGGESTION: to depict where cultures meet, make sure SORA understands when prompted to have say, “Egyptian Pharaoh Princess meets Mongolian Queen while shopping for oranges at the Rasht Grand Bazzar year 2040BCE”. Supermodels and Anime is great, but our 8 Billion cousins have rich & deep stories to tell. 50+ different ethnic groups in China as well as India… Please feed Sora much World Cultural Geography& History, mythical & religious elements and characters from all places and times. T H A N K Y O U D E V S !

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Someone who has access, please try these prompts:

Master chief and marines fighting the convenient (halo)

point of view camera flying from space to earth

point of view camera flying from earth ground going to space and out of galaxy

I am an OpenAI fan from day 1. Amazing times!

Nossa sou Web designer gostaria muito de testar o Sora seria um prazer enorme, quero desenvolver alguns vídeos sensacionais agregar a páginas, me ajudaria muito no desenvolvimento das home Pages. Aguardando ansiosamente uma liberação da openai eu já uso o chat gpt em meus trabalhos me ajuda muito.