OpenAI Sora Similar Solutions

OpenAI Sora is the next gen AI video generation tool. However, I was wondering if there are any desktop software or web applications that are (or have been) used to create AI Videos (image to video or text to video) with stunning accuracy? Most imporantly generating human reallife-like characters


No, not yet. I think model Sora is the best

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Beg you pardon…

what about video poet… I mean you might need to follow the bread crums and download and run some code… but… only if websites from universities frighten you…

and what about…

moonvalley, (which you can fine tune if you are not afraid of coding… but I don’t think it’s ethical to write about that here… but discord servers should be within reach to all of us… please correct me if I’m wrong…!!!)

genmo, paiday, lensgo (ok I know it’s not hyper real like sora but…), canva ai (magic media is… nothing comparable to sora but… not bad…), leonardo ai (that one has promise… if you are patient), pika labs…

I mean there are plenty if you take time to look,

glad to join the conv. here


This is likely the main point why SORA has gotten so much positive attention following the announcement: the model can generate one minute video clips with object permanence, moving background and more or less correct representation of physical processes.

Don’t want to throw shade at the other providers, but it’s a highly competitive market. Sometimes one service is ahead, next month is all different.

Yes, pikalabs and the like are still tools to look into until SORA is released but it appears that these services will need to upgrade in order to compete. And I sure hope they do!

Ultimately, SORA hasn’t been released to the public yet, and while I am somewhat excited and anxious at the same time, from the announcement I don’t see anything comparable, yet.