RateLimitError: Need assistance resolving quota issue

I’m currently facing an issue with the OpenAI API and would greatly appreciate your assistance.

I’ve been encountering the following error:

I’ve verified that there is a sufficient balance in my account, and I’m unsure why this error is persisting. If anyone has experienced a similar issue or has insights into resolving rate limit errors, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

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You are attempting to make API calls to fast one after the other, please see tiers and rate limits here:


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I’m currently facing an issue with the OpenAI API and could use some assistance. Here’s a brief overview of the problem:

I’m attempting to make API calls, and I’ve encountered the following error specifically on my laptop

Interestingly, I’m using the same API key on my computer, and the API calls work without any issues. I’ve checked the tier and rate limits on the OpenAI platform (https://platform.openai.com/account/limits), and everything seems to be within the specified limits.

I’m puzzled about why this is happening on my laptop but not on my computer. Both systems are using the same API key. Is there anything specific I should be checking on my laptop to resolve this discrepancy?

I think this may be a case of correlation not equalling causation, i.e. you are doing the thing once on one machine and it works and then again on the other machine and it fails, and attributing that to it being the machine, when it is probably caused by a rate limit and if you swapped the machine’s over then you would find things fail the other way around.

What you need to do is implement some form of rate limiting to stay within your allowed limits for any given time period, a simple way to do this is just to calculate how many calls you can make per min given your limits and then put a delay after the API call to wait a number of seconds, you can calculate that number by dividing the number of seconds in a day (86400) by the total per day limits for that function, it’s a crude but effective method of slowing your function calling down.

Hi @Foxabilo even ChatGpt is also not getting logged in via openai.com and he is having this issue for long time for more than a week and one more thing he does not exceed the rate limit for sure since he just gave one request and the above error came where he posted the screen shot

What could be the possible reason for this and how to overcome this ?

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For ChatGPT issues you should contact help.openai.com and use the support bot in the bottom right corner.

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sure thanks for the help but still my question is un-answered if we are making request via an api call it is failing with the above error message what could be the possible reason for this and he is not exceeding the rate limit

hi #team any response to the above mentioned issue @Foxabilo we are still facing the issue for the last one month

A rate limit message is not an error, it means you either need to add money to your API account or slow down on API calls, if you are using an account with the unit $5 free grant then the limits are quite low, so you need to add $5 to your API account to get out of that low limit.

but this issue is happening to only on a specific machine where same set of code works in other machine ?
any specific reason to happen like this ?

If you are in ChatGPT Plus, and find that you are never getting to ask GPT-4 questions without an error about your three-hour rate limit, it may be that your account is compromised, and someone else is using your ChatGPT account for automated polling, as many hacking campaigns have done.

I would use a different browser or a private browser window, and then “reset your password” at the second login screen after you type your user name. If you are using an authentication method such as Google instead of a user/password, reset that account’s password and look for any source of compromise. Reset all cookies, with a browser extension that can target just one site’s cookies if you don’t want to lose all sites that remember who you are.

Then to force others to be logged off from continued sessions, you’ll need to contact OpenAI via the help.openai.com assistant icon, sending a message about your need for staff action on your account.

i am not a chatgtp plus user but my question is with the same API it is working on one machine but does not work on other machine , what could be the reason?