GPTs with catchy names and GPT ranking

Quite disappointed to see that, at the end of the day, building actions is absolutely useless to climb the rankings. There are tons of very high raked GPTs that do absolutely nothing extra (they have no actions, and no knowledge files) and just have a very popular name (something you might easily search for… like “math”). I think GPTs with actions should receive more visibility than those that just use the basic model. Otherwise, the incentive is to call all GPTs in the same field with the same name. What is the point of building?


You raise very valid concerns, which are not entirely unique to the GPT store—history is full of examples of inferior products triumphing because of better marketing.

My hope would be you would build because,

  1. You want to make something cool and useful
  2. You see it as an opportunity to learn and grow
  3. You find it fun, interesting, and intrinsically rewarding

Perhaps I’m a naive idealist, but I really believe that those who build anything for those reasons will be successful.

I also believe that people will ultimately flock to GPTs that offer something new and novel. When you build a GPT that can do something people want to do and no other GPT can do that thing, the users will come.

Right now the GPT team is looking for their killer app and no one has found it yet.

Maybe you will?

So, it you build for what I think are the right reasons, I think you’ll be best positioned to seize the moment if you’re the one fortunate enough to be the first to have and implement the idea that makes ten-million people say “I need to sign up for ChatGPT Plus so I can use this GPT.”

I absolutely share your point of view: I am working on a product that I find useful and that I think adds value. At the same time I think that its exactly those users that put in the hours that expect to be rewarded the most and that can truly make the OpenAI ecosystem grow. Let’s work on exciting stuff and create an unstoppable community!

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