Quick tutorial on how to change profile photo in ChatGPT

First of all it is important to know that this is not possible natively, we must use Gravatar to do this.
Briefly gravatar is a platform that allows you to have custom photos on Wordpress based sites or sites that support this format of avatar or profile picture.

So let’s start

The Gravatar/Wordpress account must be created with the SAME E-Mail with which the ChatGPT account was created.

1 You must create a Gravatar account (It is the same as a wordpress account, if you already have one just log in to it) https://en.gravatar.com/

2 At the top right of your profile select “Add an image”

3 Select the image you want to upload and save changes

4 After a while you will have the picture in the ChatGPT chat (In my case I had to wait 1 hour for the changes to be applied)

  • Additionally, the picture you choose must be appropriate as it will be shown on ChatGPT as well as on pages or blogs where you are registered with this E-Mail.


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Thank u so much, I finally have my pfp

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its been several days now since i added the pic on gravatar but chatgpt still hasnt applied it why?

worked thank you so much,but may i ask how dose it worked?

omg I didn’t see this comment at the time and it’s been a long time, you set the same email address?, have you marked your image as appropriate for all audiences?

I’m glad it worked
Of course, this works because ChatGPT, supports this type of wordpress images, in simple words, all websites that support this type of avatar will be able to display your image.

Assuming ofc that your image is appropriate for all audiences
And I apologize for the late reply, but I haven’t checked the forum much :3

Mine worked on the ChatGPT Website, but not the app. I only did it a few hours ago, might it just take a little longer?

charge GPT give me a photo of a child who were juggling with football

Still doesn’t change… Changed on OpenAI Playground website, but ChatGPT doesn’t change yet ;(

still aint changed, only on openai. is smth wrong??