Is chatGPT 4 accessible by API?

I’m assuming that as of today, only 3.5 turbo can only be used by the API?

Is that true or false?
if false, what do you call the model in a variable?
or what is the correct URL to use?

$url = '';
$url = '';  
$data["model"] = "gpt-3.5-turbo";
$data["model"] = "text-davinci-003";

as you can see, I’m getting confused on WHAT I “should” be using to use the latest version.



The latest one is gpt-4-32k-0314
that’s 4, with 32k of input, from march 14

The whole list is here: OpenAI API
Some groups of models are at different ‘endpoints’ (web addresses)

EDIT: I forgot to say there is waiting list for 4, you have to sign up for. But I only waited a few days.

Hi, can you guys share with me what is the best way to access chatGPT4 API? I was on the waitlist for a long time! Please share your tips! Thanks so much!

@BrainlordMesomorph May I know what did you put in the request? I was waiting for months without any response. Should I request again?
Also, can your provide a comparison between using ChatGPT4 vs 3.5 turbo API?

Thank you so much in advanced!

would like to know that too, I mean we wait a really long time now, whereas others already have their key running