Propositions for Enhanced Conversation Management in ChatGPT"

Dear OpenAI Team,

I hope this message finds you well. As an avid user of ChatGPT and someone who teaches computer science, I’ve been reflecting on potential features that could enhance the user experience. I’d like to share a few ideas with you.

  1. Organizing Conversations into Folders: As conversations with ChatGPT grow, it would be beneficial to have the ability to organize them into folders. This could assist users in managing different topics or projects seamlessly.
  2. Shared Premium Accounts: It would be valuable to allow premium account sharing between two users. Even with a shared request quota, it would provide both users with access to ChatGPT-4 without having to share login credentials. Plus, each user would retain their separate conversation histories, ensuring privacy.
  3. Conversation “Forking”: Often, when I pose questions to ChatGPT, the answers come in multiple points. It would be incredibly helpful to “fork” a conversation from a specific point, allowing me to explore different aspects of an answer without losing the original thread. It’s analogous to the concept of “forking” in software development. For instance, while discussing a concept, if another point catches my attention, I’d like to delve deeper into it without disrupting the original conversation flow. This could resemble a folder and sub-folder structure, where users can navigate between interconnected topics with ease.

These features, I believe, could make the ChatGPT experience even more enriching and organized for users like myself and many others. I truly appreciate your team’s efforts in continually innovating and improving the platform, and I hope these suggestions are of value.

Thank you for considering my feedback.

Warm regards,

This forum is not routinely monitored by OpenAI to gather up great ideas.

“Forking”? You can already edit a message within a conversation and resubmit it. This continues the conversation in a new direction, with a little < 2/2 > indicator that lets you switch to the prior outputs.

“Shared”: buy one get one free. Seems unlikely they’d bite.

Unfulfilled wishes for conversation organization:

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my suggestions. I understand that the forum may not be the primary channel for feature recommendations, but I appreciate the engagement nonetheless.

Regarding the “Forking” concept, it seems there might be some misunderstanding. What I am proposing is different from simply editing a single message. In software development, forking allows for branching off at a specific point to explore different directions independently, while maintaining the option to merge the changes back into the main codebase. I envision a similar feature in ChatGPT conversations where a specific point in the dialogue can be “forked” to explore different topics or questions, without altering the original thread. Importantly, this would allow users to maintain multiple divergent conversations originating from the same root conversation, something that editing a message and continuing does not currently allow—especially given that editing a message deletes subsequent conversation history.

As for the “Shared” accounts, my suggestion was aimed at providing a solution that offers shared functionality without compromising individual privacy, rather than a buy-one-get-one-free approach.

I hope this clarifies my earlier points. I truly believe these features could enrich the ChatGPT experience and offer more flexibility and control to users.

Thank you again for considering my feedback.

Best regards,

Here’s how you can use the conversation editing. The middle user input shows an edit button here, but only when it hovered by a mouse.

I click the icon, allowing text to be edited and resubmitted:


I submit. Oops, didn’t like what I submitted, edited again. Then continued conversation. A new < 3/3 > I can click on allows switching conversations.


Go back to the original, still all there: