Enhancement Suggestions for ChatGPT User Experience

Hello OpenAI Community,

I have some enhancement suggestions for ChatGPT that I believe will improve the user experience. Here are my suggestions along with a visual representation:


  1. Categorize Conversations: There should be a feature to categorize conversations into folders.

  2. Navigate to Past Conversations Using a Calendar: It should be possible to navigate to past conversations using a calendar.

  3. Pin Conversations to the Top: Conversations should be able to be pinned to the top.

I hope these suggestions can be considered to enhance ChatGPT’s functionality and user experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,
Orhan Topaç


Nice ideas! And also, I would really love a search feature for older chats. Not just on mobile, not only for the last 3 months, and semantic search/RAG for this would be great too. Downloading an archive of your data and using third-party tools or proprietary browser extensions is not the most convenient way to do this.