Folders (or tags) for conversations

I would love to see a feature, where you can tag your conversations. This might help in fastly finding any conversation you have had before.


+1 for this feature it would be very helpful to categorise chats via folders and/or tags as well as pinning chats / folders!


I fully support adding features like folders, pinning, and improved search to organize conversations in the OpenAI app.

Specifically, folders and labels would allow users to categorize conversations by topic, project, date, or other attributes. This makes it much easier to find relevant discussions again in the future. As the number of conversations grows over time, a categorization system becomes essential to navigability and avoiding repetition of topics.

Pinning or starring important conversations ensures they remain at the top and are not lost in the continual feed of new posts. As a frequent user, there are many discussions I would like to pin for easy reference so I can quickly access key insights and not have to search through hundreds of posts to find the most valuable information.

Enhanced search, with options like searching conversation content, titles, hashtags, etc. would make the app more functional for research and reviewing previous topics. The current search is limited and often does not return helpful results, making it difficult to see if a question has already been asked or find older, related discussions. Advanced search options would resolve this and turn the forum into a useful knowledge base.

An option to link or relate conversations together in some visual manner (e.g. by topic) could turn the app into a knowledge base of sorts. As conversations build on each other over time, showing these connections and relationships would add a lot of value. Users could see progressions of ideas, collaborative problem-solving, examples of key topics, and more.

Overall, adding organization and searchability features would vastly improve the OpenAI forum user experience, especially for frequent users and researchers. The time invested in these types of features would pay off through a more engaged user base, higher quality discussions, and archived knowledge.

Please consider implementing options like folders, pins, an advanced search, and relationship links between posts. These types of features have become standard on many community apps and are tremendously useful for navigating active forums with a lot of valuable information. Adding them to OpenAI would take the community discussions to the next level.


have you checked out ChatGPT Folders? its a chrome extension @maleydaniel

Definitely worth implementing! Both of them would be very convenient to start structuring the hundreds of chats I have in the meantime on the platform.


That will be greate! Folders, search and tags will give you more options! I believe the ability to drag and drop conversations to specific folders is needed. This would make it easier to manage different projects.