Is there a way to organize and label our conversations?


Is there a way to organize our conversations into folders and label them (from the web interface)?

Then if we use OpenAI to assist us with writing a book, essay, etc. every time that we have a conversation with ChatGPT or GPT-3 to assist us with a particular writing, we can label it accordingly.

Later we can provide these conversations in an appendix, for example.


Are you talking about ChatGPT or the Playground (with access to all the other models?) In either case, there’s not really too many “quality of life” features on OpenAI. This is where developers (like me) come in and build tools using the OpenAI APIs to make useful tools. Have you looked into Jasper or any of the other AI writing tools?

I have the same question but for the API. Can I save a “session” so that the next time I make an API request, it considers all previous prompts?

This is not possible, as far as I know. Some people have “summarized” past prompts to add them to new prompts, but that’s the only way to get around the context window currently.


I’d like this too. Just two tools.



That is all I’d need now. I’d love gpt4 access for the api for that rollout is glacial still sadly. So it’s playground only for now.


I’d also like to be able to group some conversations in folders or by labels so it’s easier to review afterwards :pray: