Proposal for an Advanced Music AI Model for Orchestral and Demo Song Enhancements

Hi everyone,

I’m a composer specializing in classical music for string and symphony orchestras. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to hire musicians or arrange professional recordings. It would be a dream come true if there was an AI model where I could upload a score as a MIDI file, including tempo, instrumentation, and dynamic information, and then download the piece played as if by a real orchestra. A string orchestra in particular would be fantastic.

I believe this could also work well for piano compositions.

I was amazed by what achieved with the Windows XP intro, making it sound like a symphony orchestra. This demonstrates that it should be possible.

Furthermore, it would be incredible if there was an AI model where I could upload a poorly produced demo song (whether it’s pop, rock, trance, etc.), or stems or individual tracks, that could then enhance the vocals, sounds, and mix, and also handle the mastering. This would be a true game-changer, as not all composers are also skilled producers or sound engineers, nor can they afford to hire them.

Best regards