Prompt to Generate Language Substitution Tables?

Despite trialling dozens prompts and conversations, it doesn’t seem possible for AI to consistently generate a simple substitution table like the one below. The core task/prompt: “Generate a language table in which: any cell from Column 1 + any cell from Column 2 + any cell from Column 3, makes sense.” The idea would be to eventually specify, e.g. “create a substitution table on the theme of ordering food”. Any suggestions??
substiution table

This is text-davinci-003… Is this not what you’re looking for?

This is just pattern matching and these models excel at pattern matching…

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Yes. That’s brilliant thanks. I didn’t know that was the way to prompt, so good to learn. I does still sometimes make a mistake in that not all combinations work, but it’s a massive improvement.

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I still wasn’t able to make it work. What is the exact prompt that you used. Thanks!