Weird ChatGPT Prompts

Hey everyone!

I’ve successfully added ChatGPT to my SwiftUI App but I find it giving some weird responses lol

In the attached picture this was the response we with the prompt “testing”.

Anything you all could suggest we look into?

If you only prompt ChatGPT with the single word “testing”, then the back end algorithms do not have enough context to generate a coherent response.

So, it’s large language model will simply find some jigsaw-like pieces that create a response based on a poorly engineered prompt.

It is up to the user to generate / engineer prompts that the predictive large language model like ChatGPT will have enough context to generate a coherent reply.


See Examples:

Prompt: “testing”

Prompt: “testing”

PS: If you use this model: text-babbage-001 you might get better results for these types of queries:

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