Correct prompting to fill a table from a docx

Hi! Im quite new in chatGPT prompting and this is my task. I want chatGPT to help me in filling a table (i.e. a checklist table) that I can provide as template with some information that it has to retrieve from a docx (that is also provided as additional prompt of course). Is it possible to do it with some smart prompting in the chat? Thank you in advance!

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This sounds doable.
Your aim is to have ChatGPT fill in a form (list with checkboxes) based on a provided document with information relevant to the form.

What have you tried and what are the challenges you need to overcome so far?
Also, which model are you using and can you share some more information about the size of the document and how extensive the checklist will be? Will the template be exact or do you intent to create a new checklist every time based on the document’s content?


So basically I have a docx regarding a project and I have also a table as docx to be filled. This is a sort of a checklist that I want to complete in order to check if the project has been written appropriately. I supplied the docx and the table and asked gpt4 to retrieve information according to the checkboxes inside the table and to create a new table using as basis the one I provided. But then the final table wasn’t exactly of the same structure of the original one because during the final docx creation it missed some fields even thought the final version was printed correctly on the chat.

Then I tried to ask gpt4 to use directly my table and fill the boxes but the process wasn’t accomplished correctly again. Almost the entire table remained empty in the end. Thank you very much!


If you do not intent to repeat this process several times it will be safe to ask ChatGPT to perform the whole task in smaller parts. This was the model won’t get overwhelmed by the task. You can simply ask to answer the first x questions from the list and so forth until all questions are answered and all boxes ticked.

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So do I understand correctly that you’d like to take a table from a .docx and have ChatGPT transfer that information to a spreadsheet, .xlsx?

Then you want the spreadsheet to be a running tally of these .docx’s? So the spreadsheet is a master list of all of the projects you’ve created?

This seems to work for me.



ID Name Description
1 Project Alpha Develop propulsion system
2 Project Beta Construct space ship
3 Project Gamma Construct launchpad


ID Name Description
1 Funding There is not enough money
2 Resources There are not enough subject matter experts
3 Materials There are not enough nuts and bolts

Project Constraints

ID Project Name Constraint
1 Project Alpha Resources
2 Project Beta Funding
3 Project Gamma Materials

Status of Projects

ID Project Name Status
1 Project Alpha Green
2 Project Beta Amber
3 Project Gamma Deferred


Summary of Projects

Project Name Description Constraint Status

Document-B.docx is updated with the following:

Summary of Projects

Project Name Description Constraint Status
Project Alpha Develop propulsion system There are not enough subject matter experts Green
Project Beta Construct space ship There is not enough money Amber
Project Gamma Construct launchpad There are not enough nuts and bolts Deferred

This was my prompt:

Use the information provided in each table within Document-A.docx to populate the Summary of Projects table in Document-B.docx.

ChatGPT generated some Python and correctly provided the output I was looking for.

Here is a link to my query and chat:

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