Prompt for GPT-4 web browsing?

Na this is a bug. Worked 100% perfectly before. I go this emssage today which is simpley not true “I understand it might seem limiting, but as of my last update in April 2023, I don’t have the capability to directly access or retrieve real-time information from external websites. This is by design for privacy and security reasons, ensuring that interactions remain secure and user data is protected. However, I can still offer general advice, answer questions based on the information up to my last update, and assist with a wide range of queries. If you have specific details or content you can share directly here, I’d be happy to provide feedback or further assistance based on that!”

It’s still not working. I find it really weird that it doesn’t even know that it was able to search the web.

I would usually say something like “look it up” and it would trigger the web search.

Faced issue with web browsing too. Old instructions based on web search fails. Answers become repetitive and model do not follow instructions.