Problem exporting in word document

How can I get GPT 4 to export polices that it has assist me to write a policy which i needed to export in word document. I am a analyst and I write polices for small businesses. I tried using GPT4 to assist in writing my polices in which many sections were nested lists. After many attempts in writing the correct prompt, the bot finally gave a good output. However when it asked it to export the final product to a Word document it could not do it. It seems the system timed out on GPT4. Is anyone experiencing those problems.

If you get no response from the AI after a minute, you can press the “regenerate” button to try again.

The AI doesn’t have the ability to produce files for download. It can only generate text in its display (and do a bit more with text in ‘advanced data analysis’.

The text that is in the ChatGPT window (which is produced by an internal format called markdown) can be copied by selecting it, and when using an intelligent word processor like LibreOffice Writer, you can paste text and have it retain the formatting.

Example selected ChatGPT response:

Then pasted to word processor: