Asking GPTs to generate pdf

Hi, I have been experimenting with GPTs and I am working on a cover letter generating gpts. I am aware that I can use action and zapier to generate pdfs but I was wondering if it would be possible to use prompt and get GPT to do it. It successfully converts the cover letter it generated, but it loses the format.
I added to the instruction to keep the format, and even tried specifying font size and line spacing, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas or has anyone else been able to do something similar?

Hi there - While I’m not familiar with your specific formatting requirements, in principle you can achieve this by having GPT use code interpreter generate the PDF for you. If successful, it will create a link from which you can download the file.

Text in markdown format works well to achieve some basic formatting but depending on your specific needs you will likely need to be more specific about your requirements.

I’ve never tested it directly in ChatGPT but I assume you could also just directly provide it with a python script that specifies the formatting and the sections where you text should go and then ask it to create the PDF on the basis of that specific script.

I will note that while I don’t use ChatGPT or custom GPT frequently for document generation, I have found it to be among the more unstable tasks, with crashes often occuring.