Export api formatted output to a Microsoft word file

Does anyone try to export the completion text to a Microsoft word file with all formats?

I want to keep all formats (headings, bold, italic, tables, colors, …etc)


My GPT produces a text with different parts and I am trying to compile all generated text into a final document or PDF as output. In 90% of the cases I don’t have the full text in the output file but only a portion of it. For example if I produce 15 pages I get only page 1, 2 and page 15 in the word file. I have tried to debug without success… I think it might come from some text length limitations constraints. As even when I ask the full story content in the chat, the bot shows first and last pages and in the middle between brackets something like [there is some text not displayed here]. What I dont understand is that for the same full text it does not always return the same pages back.

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Me too here. Always after a long chat session or successful session where I obtained what I want, I try to ask for a document creation with all chat text into it. And I have had always same error due to excessive length of chat or other problem.

Any solution?