Print Entire Conversation

I am at a loss on how to print an entire conversation. There are sketchy plugins that offer the option to print the entire conversation. But to me, this is something that should be easily available on the dashboard.

I am using Mac with Safari. Save to PDF, Print Selection, none of it prints the entire convo. The only safe method I can offer my team, is copying and pasting into another text editor program.


The problem is the flex box and overlay render that OpenAI uses to show the interface to a “viewport”.

That makes it a challenge for even screenshot tools that can scroll the window to “capture entire page”.

Printing should is expected these days from any page and the page could be opened in a different view so that standard printing it supported.

Please OpenAI help us here.

A workaround i uses is a more general chrome extension called ‘printfriendly’ that takes full conversation, allows to delete unwanted blocks and output to pdf, print or mail.
One default : code parts are not well formatted , appears as text.

Despite this temporary solution, i excpect too to see an option inside chatgpt to export as markdonwn or to print whole conversation.

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Thanks a ton I will try that out.