Feedback on conversation sharing / printing

I complained before (I don’t know how I found a feedback form. It seams they don’t want feedback anymore) that I can’t share conversations. They made the share feature which is great. But I want to have a hardcopy of the conversation - a pdf. A lot of people probably tried to print conversations and it just doesn’t work. So until they make something about it here is a hack:
You’ll need to add a css to a specific url. Here is a chrome extension that does that:

Lookup “User JavaScript and CSS” in google extension store

So add this css to url :

@media print {
	main > div:nth-child(2) {
	  display: none;
	.overflow-hidden {
	  overflow: visible !important;

Then you can print shared conversations (or use print->Save as pdf in chrome).

But please, OpenAI, if you are reading this - allow printing a conversation or even better - download a well formatted pdf maybe with option to remove background if it’s actually printed on paper to save tonner.

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I’d love to second this. The ability to easily pass along examples in email as I champion the use of ChatGPT within my company would be tremendously useful.

Based on your workaround code it appears that this is a fairly straightforward request.