Preformatted code section in chatGPT page

I am on Linux Mint 21.2, Google Chrome stable, @ chatgpt dot com, a 24’ monitor. I am using chatGPT as an aid in development of my website - so I exchange code with it and use the preformatted code section in chatGPT page a lot.
10% of my monitor width is occupied with the left info panel. Then 30% is empty, 30% is code section, and 30% is empty.
In fact the user usable width is limited to only 30%, while the rest is wasted.

The code is 50% wider than the code section on the page, so there is a scrollbar that needs to be used constantly - which makes reading code pretty difficult. I would say that it is a serious, significant inconvenience! Why not make it convenient?! It would require to make the code section 2 times wider - which is easy and it’s free!
Why not give a user a more comfortable code section - it is easy and it is free!
Just stop wasting user’s screen space - give them as much space as they can afford!
It is easy and it costs you nothing!

Just install a userscript to change the page CSS. It’s been discussed here before several times.