Please accommodate desktop users with a wider text area

Not a “bug” as such, but ChatGPT’s mobile-first design is really “mobile-only” in that it wastes an enormous amount of screen real estate with useless whitespace. Worse, the horizontal scroll bar that’s often needed to view code-based responses doesn’t always appear; see example attached. Please consider adapting the main ChatGPT page to support users with actual PC monitors, not just phones. Thanks!


Thank you for your feedback.
Please change it to a feedback tag in order to distinguish it from actual bugs.

Hmm, the ‘edit’ button only seems to offer these options:

I don’t see a way to change any tags, and it already appears to have the “chatgpt-feedback” property. Let me know how to do what you’re asking and I’ll give it a shot.

That said, arguably failing to show a horizontal scrollbar on that window is a legitimate bug.

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I apologize for the confusion. I have updated the tags for you. Please understand that there are more serious bugs in ChatGPT, so I’ve adjusted the tags to reflect this as feedback.

I understand that the text display area is narrow even though the desktop screen is wide.
I would like to think of the best ways to encourage them to improve, but the current situation is that there is no other way than to show it as feedback in the appropriate form here.

Your feedback should never be taken lightly, and I sincerely hope that it will be handled appropriately.

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Here’s a Tampermonkey script, for the tampermonkey or greasemonkey browser extension. It also changes some other visuals, but you can “monkey” with the internals.

Tampermonkey 'ChatGPT CSS fixes' script
// ==UserScript==
// @name         ChatGPT CSS fixes
// @version      2023-11-17
// @namespace
// @description  Adjusts width of side bar and messages of the chatGPT web interface
// @author       alexchexes
// @match*
// @icon
// @grant        none
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
	const accentColor = `#f39c12`;

	const messagesCss = `
		/* Message body width */
		@media (min-width: 1280px) {
			.xl\\:max-w-3xl {
				max-width: 90% !important;
		@media (min-width: 1024px) {
			.lg\\:max-w-\\[38rem\\] {
				max-width: 90% !important;
		@media (min-width: 768px) {
			.md\\:max-w-2xl {
				max-width: 90% !important;
			.md\\:max-w-3xl {
				max-width: 90% !important;

		/* Code blocks font */
		code, pre {
			font-family: Consolas,Söhne Mono,Monaco,Andale Mono,Ubuntu Mono,monospace!important;
			/* font-family: Iosevka Custom, Söhne Mono,Monaco,Andale Mono,Ubuntu Mono,monospace!important; */
			/* font-size: 12px !important; */

		/* Code blocks background color */
		pre .bg-black {
			background-color: #171a21;

		/* Code blocks headings background color */\\:dark\\ {
			background-color: #272731;

		/* Bring back background destinction between bot and user messages */
		.flex.flex-col.pb-9.text-sm .w-full.text-token-text-primary[data-testid]:nth-child(odd) {
			background-color: #404251;

		/* Make top useless bar non-opaque (to make more text in the chat visible) */\\/95.p-2.font-semibold.dark\\:bg-gray-800\\/90 {
			background-color: rgba(52,53,65,0);
			background-image: linear-gradient(90deg, rgba(52,53,65,.9) 0%, transparent 20%);

		/* Add visibility to the GPT version number */\\:bg-gray-50.radix-state-open\\:bg-gray-50.dark\\:hover\\:bg-black\\/10.dark\\:radix-state-open\\:bg-black\\/20 span.text-token-text-secondary {
			color: ${accentColor};

		code.\\!whitespace-pre {
			white-space: pre-wrap !important;

	const sidebar_new_width = `330px`;

	const sidebar_container_selector = `.flex-shrink-0.overflow-x-hidden[style^="width: 260px"]`;

	const sidebarCss = `
		/* Sidebar width */
		${sidebar_container_selector} .w-\\[260px\\] {
			width: ${sidebar_new_width} !important;

		/* Adjust position of the new show/hide-sidebar control button to match the new width */\\/2.z-40.-translate-y-1\\/2.transition-transform.translate-x-\\[260px\\].rotate-0 {
			transform: translate(${sidebar_new_width});

		/* Sidebar elements */

		/* History periods headings color */\\:bg-gray-900 {
			color: ${accentColor};

		ol > li > div > a > div.relative.grow.overflow-hidden.whitespace-nowrap {
			overflow: visible;
			white-space: unset;

		ol > li > div > a > div.relative.grow.overflow-hidden.whitespace-nowrap > {
			background-image: none;

			padding-right: unset !important;
		}\\\\:from-gray-100.dark\\:group-hover\\:from-\\[\\#2A2B32\\] {
			background: none;

	const cssStyles = (messagesCss + sidebarCss).replaceAll("\t", ' ');

	// Create a new <style> element and set its content to the CSS rules
	var styleElement = document.createElement("style");
	styleElement.innerHTML = cssStyles;

	// Append the new <style> element to the <head> section of the document