Possible to reclaim a ChatGPT account?

I just switched jobs, and would like to use ChatGPT Plus at my new position. However, my phone number has already been used, both for my private account and for my previous work account, and is therefore unsuitable for verification. And as far as I understand from the OpenAI support team, it’s not technically possible for them to make exceptions to this.

I have found a somewhat shady website selling pre-verified free ChatGPT accounts, so I’m considering purchasing one of them using my personal credit card, change the e-mail to my work address and then purchase ChatGPT Plus on the new account using my company card.
However, both our billing and security departments are afraid that the original owner might be able to reclaim the account somehow, and thus access the chat history (which might contain fairly sensitive information after some use) and maybe even the credit card details.

Does anyone know if this is a safe solution, and whether I can rest assured that the original owner will never be able to re-gain access to the account?
Or even better, if there’s a (semi-)official way to purchase an actual ChatGPT account without the phone number requirement? Price is not an issue as long as I can use the company card, which would be fine on a website verifiably related to OpenAI.

Thanks in advance!

Let me make this short: You’re interested in getting ChatGPT Plus for your organization, but your phone number is already associated with two accounts. Instead of resorting to a third-party solution, consider these options. You can either use someone else’s phone number for verification, or I do not think ChatGPT Plus actually requires phone number verification for purchase, because to use ChatGPT it already ask for verification while creating the account. @Foxabilo better assist you with this

The best thing to do is to reach out to help.openai.com and use the support bot in the bottom right corner, let them know your issue and leave your contact details. If something can be done they will get back to you.

I did that, they were the ones who told me that it is technically impossible for them to do so.

Suggestion for OpenAI: Make it possible to create a new account without a fresh phone number by pre-paying one year of Plus.

That would be all they can offer. Support staff cannot change the email address, authentication method, or phone number associated with an account.