Possibility to use OpenAI classification API for an external client

Hi, Im the founder of an AI analytics consulting firm and have been playing around with NLP for long time (mostly open source). Recently, we came up with a new client that is asking us to classify petitions and requests from their users into different pre-set categories. We approached initially the project using an open source supervised neural network model, but we found out that OpenAI could provide us way better results.

My question is that if it is possible to use the API for an external client which may have around 100k - 200k API calls per month (corporate client). Im asking because Im afraid to offer OpenAI and then not being able to provide the solution due to use restrictions.

I’d appreciate if anyone can tell me who should I talk with to evaluate the possibility to bring to life this solution.


Hi Nicolas! That’s great to hear that the API works so well for your use case.

Generally, almost all classification use cases are approved. The exceptions are mostly highly sensitive areas: for example, classication in the criminal justice or law enforcement domains.

Feel free to reach out to me at pw@openai.com with the specific use case.