Are we allowed to create public-facing (custom trained) support chat bots powered by GPT-3?

Hi there folks!

The documentation isn’t too clear on this, so I am wondering whether my idea is even allowed (I hope it is!).

We want to build a technical support chat bot based on specific training data for a specific company.
This chat bot would be usable by people on the website, for example.

This would mean that the users are not always identifiable.

The potential value in creating fine-tuned support / sales / tech AI’s is enourmes for a lot of companies.

How does OpenAI view this? I would love to get some clarification on this from the team if possible.

Thanks a lot for taking the time!

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Hi Christiaan. This is a good use case that has been done in the past.

If you plan on putting your application online for anyone to use, you’ll want to submit your app for review. Here’s what you need to know.

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