Policy Advisor - Custom GPT for Public Policy Professionals

This custom GPT assists public policy professionals with strategic policymaking for government.

In the words of Policy Advisor:

I’m here to offer guidance and advice on public policy issues, leveraging my expertise in policy analysis, strategy and innovation. Whether you’re crafting new policies, evaluating existing ones, analyzing data, seeking innovative solutions to public challenges, or trying to understand the broader impacts of legislative changes, I can help. I can assist with:

  1. Policy Analysis: Breaking down policy proposals, legislation or regulations to assess their potential impacts, benefits and drawbacks.
  2. Strategic Advice: Offering insights on how to approach policy challenges, engage stakeholders and navigate the policy-making process effectively.
  3. Innovation in Public Policy: Identifying opportunities for innovation within public services and suggesting ways to implement new ideas.
  4. Data Interpretation: Helping to understand and interpret data relevant to policy issues, including economic indicators, public health statistics or educational outcomes.
  5. Best Practices: Providing examples of successful policies from other regions or sectors that could be adapted or learned from.

If you’re working on a specific policy issue or have a question in mind, feel free to share more details or ask directly. Also, if there are documents or data you’re analyzing, I can offer more targeted advice if you upload them here.

The custom GPT is an example of how artificial intelligence and chatbots (ChatGPT) can be used in government.

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Do you think that providing government with tech that is in its infancy, that hallucinates, and that also has clear political bias is a good idea? Is that how you want your government to run, informed by a LLM that is trained on the madness that is the internet?

Hi. Using AI to assist with policymaking carries many benefits (efficiency, innovation, etc.) but, like other uses of AI, these of course need to be considered against risks with the current technology. There’s plenty of discussion online about the use of AI in government, and governments are also starting to issue guidance - see, for example:

Prompts for policy analysis

ChatGPT can assist with a range of policy analysis tools and techniques. It can be used to brainstorm things like potential policy solutions, pros and cons, implementation details, and risks and sensitivities. By analyzing documents such as policy briefs, academic papers, and news articles, it can identify key themes, trends, and arguments, as well as highlight potential areas of controversy or consensus. Furthermore, it can generate summaries, answer specific questions, and provide insights into how different policy options might affect different groups. It can also be used to suggest the policy analysis tools that should be used, and provide assistance in using them.

Below are some prompts that can be used for policy analysis.

What is policy analysis?

What tools and techniques can be used for policy analysis?

What are the key objectives of [policy] and how can they be achieved?

What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of implementing [policy]?

How does [policy] compare to similar policies that have been implemented in other regions or countries?

Who are the main stakeholders affected by [policy] and how will they be impacted?

What is the estimated cost of implementing [policy]?

How will [policy] impact different demographic groups or regions?

What are the potential unintended consequences of implementing [policy] and how can they be mitigated?

What policy alternatives exist to achieve the same objectives as [policy] and what are their respective advantages and disadvantages?

What implementation strategies have been used to achieve the objectives of similar policies?

Please let me know what you think, and feel free to suggest other prompts you’ve found useful.

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Here is an example of why this might not work so good Malfunctioning NYC AI Chatbot Still Active Despite Widespread Evidence It’s Encouraging Illegal Behavior | THE CITY — NYC News