Policymaking.ai - Using AI to assist with public policy

Hi all

I’ve created policymaking.ai to provide free resources and a platform for sharing ideas on the use of artificial intelligence to assist with policymaking by government.

The site is intended to fill a gap by providing public policy professionals with practical ideas on how they can apply AI tools in their day-to-day work.

It includes guides on things such as:

  • Policy analysis using AI
  • Brainstorming policy ideas using AI
  • Stakeholder analysis using AI
  • Privacy impact assessments using AI
  • Talking points and key messages drafted by AI

The site include sample prompts that can be used with ChatGPT to undertake the tasks, as well as other news and information on AI for policymaking.

My hope is for the site to improve public policy outcomes by making the policy development process more effective, efficient and innovative through the responsible use of AI.


Welcome to our community. Looks like an interesting project. So much going on in so many areas these days. Thanks for sharing with us.

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