Creating a GPT Advisor for the U.S. Executive Order on AI (my first GPT use case)

I just got access to the new ChatGPT interface and created my first GPT – I should mention I am in Canada. The experience was flawless. Well done OpenAI !

The use case was as follows, create an advisor on the the U.S. Executive Order on AI only recently signed, so GPT-4 would not know about it.

The creator experience was a dialogue, answering questions on how I wanted the user experience to be. Friendly or formal, etc. How should it deal with misconceptions about the topic and so on. I then uploaded the pdf with the contents of the EO. I was even able to adjust the starter questions that appear.

Once I returned to the ChatGPT interface I was able to see my Executive Order on AI Advisor in the top left. Clicking on it, I was able to ask questions that took some judgement to respond to. For example what were the most significant risks being addressed. I also asked it for a list of timeframes for responses to the EO by various agencies which are extensive. I then asked for a graphic representation of these timelines and it seamless invoked advance data analysis and plotted a chart of the timelines for me.

This experience exceeded all my expectations.

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