Plus user has no access to multimodal

As a Plus user, I’m feeling frustrated and left out because I’m consistently one of the last to receive access to new features like DALL-E 3 and now, multimodal GPT-4 capabilities. Each time there’s an exciting release, it seems I’m waiting on the sidelines while others are diving in.

All my friends with Plus subscriptions have access to the multimodal features, while I am stuck using the bare-bones old version. Its 8k capability can’t even fully read my simple 4000-word paper.


Same problem here. Plus user but still no access to features announced yesterday at DevDay.

Are you Talking about DALLE 3 and Browsing? or anything else.

New Things announced yesterday at DevDay.

You are asking for ChatGPT related stuff or API’s?

Thanks for your help.

I m here on the ChatGPT sub, so there I m asking about ChatGPT related stuff.

i mean multimodal GPT-4, image upload + dalle3 + voice all in one.

It should be simply by selecting the top “GPT-4” entry if it has been enabled; there’s no special notation.

Because of the multiple plugins piled on an AI that is “quicker” “cheaper”; you might have to go out of your way to tell it to use the DALL-E image generation feature to produce an AI image for you.