No gpt-4 In Assistant I bought GPT4 Premium

Hello i am developing a tool in Python, i configured whole system and it’s working “OK” - (Sometimes like 70% of the time i have nothing returned with a function, program sleep well so it’s fully by the way of Openai) with gpt 3.5, but i bought upgrade for 24$ and i don’t have access to GPT-4 model in Assistant Playground. Can you please help me to add GPT4?

Hi, sorry about the misunderstanding, hope you get the most out of ChatGPT Plus though.

A ChatGPT Plus subscription is only that: ChatGPT Plus, the web chatbot. It includes GPT-4 use only there, along with other feature upgrades.

Unlocking more models when in a free trial of API takes adding a payment method to the separate billing system of API and purchasing the minimum of credits on top of any free trial grant.

API is charged by the amount of language data input and produced by the AI models.

Billing Overview