Plugin to upload books and epub and .mobi and other ebook files able to load a series of books to chatgpt and have what if scenarios and reviewing content

wouldn’t it be neat to be able to load a whole series of ebooks of your favorite books and either merging series like a what if scenarios. this includes ebook files like pdf and epub and .mobi and other files for ebooks and can recognize first person perspective and third person books and world building or mixing genres multiple books and series able to create chapters of new content i am not a developer but would like someone to make it or open ai to make it this might only work on chatgpt 3.5 because of prompt limits if open ai could make 3.5 able to take plugins maybe create a web extension that loads books with multiple automated prompts.

Maybe it would face authorial rights issues. I don’t think it is a good idea, but it is a matter of time to somebody make it easy to just upload a bunch of books ignoring copyrights. One can get insights, content, and everything else that can be created with a writer’s knowledge,