Plugins - Uploading files for processing

I’m wondering if ChatGPT plugins have the capability to support file uploads. Our team is interested in exploring the option of processing documents on the spot, without the need to upload them to external sources, and creating a separate service to manage the data retrieval. Setting up such a system can be quite challenging and time-consuming.


For PDF documents, maybe AskYourPDF plugin can be useful?

What if I want to upload an image, CSV, XML or other file format?

don’t think it’s or it will be possible directly on chatgpt , only external links can be precessed by the plugins .

I understand code interpreter can do it, so I’m curious if it’s a feature we can get for plugins. I know plugins can’t do it know but it would be nice to see it integrated into plugins if possible. Perhaps it could upload to some temporary storage that your plugin has access to and then pull the data from there. Or plugins could have the ability to set a storage provider.

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I saw this demo on Twitter and am wondering how in the world they did it

Seems they just uploaded a file no problem?

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