Plugin taken off store w/o changes to config files

Hey logan its been a couple of days since the review request --just added 3-4 words to the ai-plugin.json file. Would be great if we could get expedited !

Same happened with a week ago.

Unfortunately it means that we are freezing updates for a while.

Does this apply to the OAS configuration as well or is it only when the manifest is changed?

I believe now its just the openai-plugin.json file

Hey there, my Plugin “Tutory” got removed as well today and the exact same situation.

@logankilpatrick, as I’m guessing that this was because of the Manifest policy. I understand why you guys have this. However, could OpenAI at least send a notification for why a plugin has been removed when it happens? There are folks on here who believe in this platform and may even be monetizing around it. If we don’t even know that the plugin has been delisted for a few hours or even a day, that could be hugely detrimental without (at minimum) an automated email for the removal. Otherwise, we’re left guessing if this was a bug or a legitimate removal. This could cost people lots of money for (in my case) just a simple typo in my Manifest file when writing an update.

Man help me please
I’ve paid the montlly subscription of ChatWithPDF but its not working
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I just sent you a message. If you didn’t get it please reach back out to