NEW ChatGPT UI and more GPT-4 cap

I just noticed that the web UI for ChatGPT has been updated! Moreover, importantly, the capacity of GPT-4 has been expanded to handle 30 responses per hour! However, plugins are still only available in GPT-4, and not in GPT-3.5.

Could it be possible that the official expansion of GPT-4 was made with plugins in mind? I do hope the same plugin features will be added to GPT-3.5 for more convenient testing.


Me too. By the way, the new UI looks good.

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but now they remove the ‘capped to 30responses per hour’ …

The update: ChatGPT — Release Notes | OpenAI Help Center

I’m plus but can’t see thy new UI yet. Looking forward to it. Any idea when it’ll be available to me?

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It appears that we can revert to the default model, and I have noticed the new user interface as well.

From the release notes:

We’ll be making these features accessible via a new beta panel in your settings, which is rolling out to all Plus users over the course of the next week.

So I’m expecting it to take about a week, I currently have ~half of the new UI design, meaning I have access to some beta features, but not all and I’m still capped at 25 messages per hour

I am capped at 25 messages per 3 hour as well.

Yes you can revert to default model but plugin no longer getting triggered

I am still on the default model hopefully I don’t need to wait a week. :grinning: :grin: :laughing:

That is pretty bad. Hopefully GPT-3.5 gets re-enabled for the plug in

I can find the plugin and browsing options in my settings and see the new UI. However, it still shows a limit of only 25 messages per 3 hours

Really hopeful they could at least enable plugins for 3.5 so we don’t have that 25 message limit to test things out

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If you have a GPT4 API KEY, you can use an UI such as (open-source on github).