Plugin no longer working after 15 installs (one user)?

Hey @OpenAI, I’ve been playing with deploying a plugin and have been iterating on the code. I’m pretty sure I hit 15 deployments from a single address and now the plugin won’t run (I can see from the logs on the service that it’s getting the yaml payload but not using the plugin), is there a way to reset the 15 uses somewhere in my account?

Never mind I guess it’s a global outage in plugins…


Updates I’m assuming. The deadline was last night for the current submission round.

yeah I guess so. It would be great if plugin outages were reported in the main service status page 😄

Still down FYI, I can install a plugin and the plugin responds to GET requests for the icon and YAML, but when trying to query it fails with code that worked fine yesterday.

And I thought it was just me.
I’m not 100% positive this is related to the current failure, though, I’ve been experiencing the same issue @stephan.sturges describes for several days.
Any way to check how many have used an unregistered plugin? I don’t think I’ve hit 15, even with my own repeated installs.

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Working again? My hosted unverified plugin just started working again! Yay!