New plug in / first plugin - Error communicating with plugin service. Please try again later

Aside from my logo not displaying correctly I am able to create and install my first plugin - but when I try to prompt it I get this error:

Error communicating with plugin service. Please try again later

Now obviously I will try again later but as this is my first plugin is this an indication my plugin yaml / json is incorrect somehow? How can I confirm my plugin works?


There may be smarter ways but one approach would be to (1) try an official plugin and see whether this works as usual. If that works, (2) run the standard Todo-list plugin available on the OpenAI GIT (GitHub - openai/plugins-quickstart: Get a ChatGPT plugin up and running in under 5 minutes!). If that works as usual, too, then there seems to be something wrong with your plugin.

I am under the impression that just now plugins don’t work generally :frowning: . Both the tests above fail for me.

Haven’t seen that error before, but if you’re still getting served the error I’d run some tests on the description_for_model field might need to be updated.

When I was first building I had to make sure to outline how the app works for ChatGPT to interpret it and send the request to your plugin.

Found this detailed troubleshooting guide if helps to understand and fix the issue

Official Plugins haven’t been working for me for about a week now. It displays that same message that you’re getting every time I try to use a plugin. It’s probably something on the openAI side and not necessarily your plugin.

I am in the same situation with a plugin I created.
You can check it at this domain →

I am using OAuth to authenticate the plugin. Is that the reason?
Login succeeds and works fine at first. However, when I try it after a few hours, I get this error.

Error communicating with plugin service. Please try again later.

Reinstall the plugin and it will be available again. It does not appear to be a refresh token issue.

The console output these logs.

OpenAI does not renew expired tokens. They will only refresh non-expired tokens. You have to find your own way to keep the tokens alive. I would suggest you set the expiration time to a few months so that OpenAI has time to implement the missing reAuth logic. Auth0 sets them to 3 months I believe.

Thank you everyone I have plugins working - this was an error on my side - appreciate your replies