Plugin review status is causing lots of confusion

See here: Message: "ERROR UNINSTALLING (plugin name)" with unverified plugins - is this a Malware? - #12 by Winkelmann

Plug-ins suddenly switching to unverified when they are resubmitted is causing end users to panic thinking that the OpenAI has marked the plugin as “dangerous”. The red shield looks to a lot people like some kind of danger signal.


I removed a bunch of unverified plugins, better safe than sorry.

That’s unfortunate - there’s really no reason to do this.

What we need instead is a version control system where OpenAI caches a previously approved plugin until the new version is approved, so users have a better experience and app makers have no downtime.

I’m sure they’ll get to it :slight_smile:

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It’s not really possible to do this since people can change the server side code, having a cached version will just make it so all the plugin calls error out if the code on the server has changed but we used a cached version of the OpenAPI spec for example.

In general, thinking about how to make this seamless, but it is a net good thing that people are uninstalling unverified plugins, that is the whole intent of the way of the way the system is designed.

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The reason to do this is OpenAI has no longer validated that this service passes the Trust and Safety checks of the plugins in the store. The plugin could have changed a lot of things which violate our terms of service or other safeguards.

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