Plugin installation Visla - how to...?

Hi there. How do I install a plugin to ChatGPT? I want to try out the Plugin Visla. I really don´t know how to use this? Could anyone give me advise? Best regards, Martin.

Welcome to the developer forum.

Are you looking to develop your own Plugin, or install a Plugin as a user?

If it is the latter you can follow the helpful procedure and video guide here ChatGPT plugins

If you are a Developer you need to join the Plugin development waitlist here ChatGPT Plugins waitlist

Im not a dev. Just wanted to use Visla as a normal user. I already found the way to install plug-ins. So this topic is done. Thx.

Hi, I want to create another Video-generating plugin like Visla. But I was rejected. Open AI team said that they were currently unable to approve Video-generating plugins. Do you know why?