Plugin development for Multi-tenant application

I am in the process of integrating a ChatGPT plugin into our existing multi-tenant application to ensure a more effective and streamlined user experience. This plugin aims to allow users to authenticate, choose, and seamlessly navigate between their tenants.

When the user launches the ChatGPT plugin, they should be able to log in using their credentials for our application. This ensures the plugin knows who the user is and the list of Tenants the user have access to.

Tenant Selection: After a successful login, the user should be presented with a list of tenants they have access. They would then select a tenant to interact with via the ChatGPT plugin. The tenant selection determines the context or “scope” in which the plugin operates.

Tenant Switching: As a user may have access to multiple tenants, they should be able to change the selected tenant at any point during their session without having to log out and log back in. This is important for providing a seamless user experience.

All prompts forwarded to the API should specify the tenant ID.

I am looking for inputs related to tenant selection and switching from the ChatGPT window.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contributions.