Plugin ID for Oauth improvements

Since the redirect uri contains the plugin id and the plugin id is randomly generated and never shared or stored anywhere - it makes it complicated to work with the auth clients as they require whitelisting the redirect uri.

Is there any way we can formalize on a “create plugin” process similar to other companies that allow a “create app” and then the various creds for it are available in a dashboard.

Or perhaps there is and Im missing something

Thanks for the feedback in this, the team just pushed some changes that will address some of the concern here. I will update the dos tomorrow with the changes!

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I just saw the dev tools options come up - cool :slight_smile:

For the moment, I overrode the oauth to have my server handle everything and then just respond back with the correct tokens and body shape. Seems to be working well. @logankilpatrick

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Let me know how I can help since I just overcame the issue - I might be able to provide feedback on my user experience to help your team build out a robust solution.