Chat Gpt Plugin Info and Usage

Client A

Client B

i wanna add some template data for each client and when users of each client acess the chat , my application respond wrt that context .

user a is of school should get response in context of school template
user b is of bank should get response in context of bank template

How to achieve this any plugin or something that provide functionality like this which can be integrated in java application?

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That would be something you do on your back-end before calling the API.


with that approach i have to pass template data of that user on each request. How about using langchain framework does it support the same functionality ?

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It seems like you are looking for ChatGPT! This is not it, you can find it over at

hello? where is this basic chatbot plugin tutorial for wordpress. We need sales/support chatbot api assistance now.

Standing by, let us know if this is a functional feature yet