Plugin creates Flappy Bird NO-CODE style

Hey everyone,

Josh Olin here, creator of Web Requests. We have been iteratively improving on the plugin’s NO-CODE capabilities, and it has been doing some wild stuff in the no-code arcade game development. The video does a better job than words could, ironically!

Also, a GPT4-V supported version called WebGPT🤖 (a Custom GPT) is available powered by Web Requests, for enhanced browsing functionality. Though, the no-code functionality isn’t currently supported in this version.

Would love to hear what you think!


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This is splendid, save for the notion that it appears you crafted this employing Plugins instead of GPT’s. Considering the fact that GPT’s are superseding plugins, I would suggest contriving a GPT that possesses the capability to perform the same task. Nonetheless, admirable creation.

Check out WebGPT from the OP under the video embed. It can do the web browsing more reliably than GPT Browser, and after they work out some of the UI / function calling kinks with the “Allow” interstitial, the coding will be supported by it too. It’s just not working right now (on the OpenAI side).