WebGPT — Custom GPT powered by Web Requests

Hey y’all,

Custom GPT’s have a checkbox to use the default browsing model, but Web Requests consistently performs the task of browsing better (this is the most consistent point of feedback we hear)

So we’ve made a Custom GPT WebGPT🤖 to demonstrate this.


It doesn’t have the full features of Web Requests (in terms of auto-coding, image gen, etc), but it has the ability to attach files, code interpreter, and DALL-E 3 for now.

Would love feedback.

The feedback is the forum should bounce paid promotions not mentioning the premium right out on their ear.

For $8.88/month, you get:

Unlimited Web Requests
Unlimited Playground Sessions
Priority Search Engine Requests
100 Image Generations per month
Pro Mode in Playground

I don’t know what this means… to be clear, Web Requests Pro is a separate product for the plugin, and is not required for using WebGPT at all. There is no upsell, there is no promotion of it, and there is no usage gate or roadblock.