Please try our 'Email by Nylas' plugin and share feedback!

Hi everyone! :wave:

We are probably the latest addition to the plugin store. ‘Email by Nylas’ lets you connect to any email account so that you can

  • Find and retrieve an email

  • Summarize email data or generate action items based on a thread

  • Draft a reply to an email

  • and a lot more…!

Currently, we only allow READ ‘operation’ so you can not delete or modify or send emails.

Please try it out and share your feedback in the thread. We know of issues around hallucination and are working towards fixing it but if you find anything that is not working or have ideas around improving the plugin please let me know here!

Thank you! :smile:

Try some prompts like:

  • find me the latest email and summarize it for me
  • draft a reply to the latest starred email i have got
  • how many unread emails have i received today?
  • show me the subject lines of all the messages i received today