Please stop the nonsense with that captcha puzzles!

I use the paid plan and since about 3 days I have to solve at least 3 puzzles for every second request. What is this nonsense!

CAPTCHA puzzles are designed to verify that a human is sending requests and to prevent activity like web scraping, credential stuffing, and spam.

But if you are struggling to solve those, you can study here, this article it shows how you can solve those Arkose Puzzle. I feel like this will help you to gain knowledge and experience how to deal with those puzzle.

If you get very difficult puzzle that means your system possesses very very high threat.

Official Response From OpenAi is posted here.

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Started about an hour ago for me, literally every single one of my requests I have to solve a CAPTCHA puzzle!! And the ones I’m getting are all like red and blue almost like the 3d pics that you need the red and blue glasses for, very hard on the eyes

I can’t resolve any of them, tried many times and no luck. I have problem with my eyes and those fscking colours and red shift is making it impossible!
What a stupid idea!