Please stop the nonsense with that captcha puzzles!

I use the paid plan and since about 3 days I have to solve at least 3 puzzles for every second request. What is this nonsense!


CAPTCHA puzzles are designed to verify that a human is sending requests and to prevent activity like web scraping, credential stuffing, and spam.

But if you are struggling to solve those, you can study here, this article it shows how you can solve those Arkose Puzzle. I feel like this will help you to gain knowledge and experience how to deal with those puzzle.

If you get very difficult puzzle that means your system possesses very very high threat.

Official Response From OpenAi is posted here.

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Started about an hour ago for me, literally every single one of my requests I have to solve a CAPTCHA puzzle!! And the ones I’m getting are all like red and blue almost like the 3d pics that you need the red and blue glasses for, very hard on the eyes

I can’t resolve any of them, tried many times and no luck. I have problem with my eyes and those fscking colours and red shift is making it impossible!
What a stupid idea!

I Agree, the puzzles are a waste of time.

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The work around is to go down to the Product section and click on overview. Then select chatgpt.

Solution is simple. We can cancel our subscription. If they don’t listen to us we can vote with our wallets.

I have to solve 2 puzzles every time I enter anything in the chat, or work on the agent, test, configure etc, it is really a disruptive “improvement” that totally changes the way we use the chat.
Looks like we have free product with ads, as it is nothing short of that annoying.
I would be tempted to write a script just to use the API instead of the interface, but what a waste of time and money this would be when I am already paying for the chat and it’s features?

It’s not so much that I can’t log in; it’s that I won’t log in. I don’t know what made this stupid new Arkaniod (or whatever) captcha so especially enraging, but coming from a huge Chat fan, I genuinely want to stop using ChatGPT from this point on just to better ensure I would never have to deal with that thing all due to this single experience. Like it found new unpleasant unconsenting orifices in which its forced entry managed to get it deep underneath my skin to the point that I really have to be doing other things right now, and I could easily access chat through some other means but instead, I’m sitting here writing to you guys feeling like it clearly takes precedence to inform you of the sheer level of face scrunching,eye bulging, vexation this asinine task causes. We’re talking prepubescent, booger-picking ‘I know you are but what am I?’… ‘I know you are but what am I?’… ‘I know you are but what am I?’… ‘I know you are but what am I?’… punchable annoying little brother on a long car ride with no AC level of hatred that this retarded task was able to well up from deep in my core and continue to festered like that still to this point here as I type.
Five tasks, up to four pictures to scan unless you accidentally skip and have to go back. So, roughly up to around 16-20 images are expected to be scanned, but, oh, on the very last one, accidentally overlook a stupid idk pineapple, and from the fuck
start is where you’ll start again. After we jump through your uncompensated, inconsiderate, cruel and unusual, ‘we’re pretty confident you’re sufficiently thick-skulled enough that we don’t feel any need to be giving you any credit that you’ll figure that out, which will make you feel used and cheap inside,’ dum dum AI training hoops again like a good little peon, and If you’re special like me, you’ll find out that if you might have been a little fed up and rushing it on the first or second question, even though you made that little error all the way back then, we aren’t going to fail you until you’ve gotten your hopes up that this stupid thing may have come to learn something called mercy, consideration, or decency and is going to let you slide because it’s just trying to confirm that you’re not a robot after all… Right? Which, if the keyboard had the right sensors, it might be not humane to simply confirm the presence of human DNA in the copious pools of blood that would be forming due to the compulsive repeated smashing of the forehead against the keys by this time. And yeah, take it from me, rage quit and just start button mashing in hopes that just maybe that whatever demon spunk that devised this might have had an overseer that would realize that the eventual counterproductivity, loss of membership, average daily risk of getting hit with a rogue tomato, would exponentially grow so quickly to such great numbers that it would be irresponsible not to at least put in some other failsafe where after the second or third attempt that just passes the victim through because really… what are we gaining by this time? Psychological trauma has already set in by now, and we’re probably pretty lightheaded from the blood loss from the untreated head wound, but no… no such failsafe. It just starts over. And over. And over. Wait… what was I doing…"
Update: "Just do it and get it over with Bud, you probably won’t have to do another one for a month or so at least. Right? " Nope, finally get done with one after about 10 minutes and it popped me back to to sign in page which now said wrong password. Tried new password and it prompted me to take another stupid test. N is for Nope. See you later Chat, it’s been fun.

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